State of Journalism a Wild West

Digital journalism is the present and the future. The pioneer age of the modern news media began with the invention of the Internet and trends that have become popular in the last decade, such as social media: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace…and on and on and on. But where is it all headed?

We discussed in my graduate journalism class a news site launched recently that incorporated various trends of this pioneer age. It seems that those sites that are willing to take risks and be open to feedback, are the ones that are going to survive. This particular site pulls much information from a partnership they have with a local television and radio station. It also has a link to a wide blog community made up of people from all different fields. Will this model be successful?

It is interesting to be training to become a journalist in this everchanging field. With the Internet, this profession has changed more in the last 20 years than it has in the last 100…and it seems like its never going to stop. It’s like living in the Wild West, you don’t know what’s coming next and the person that finds the gold mine will become the leader of the land. But until then journalists will continue living in this uncertain, yet thrilling time…trying out different things and wondering what will happen next.

Image source: Popular Mechanics Magazine, March 1924.


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