Journalists have to “Like to Move It”

To say a journalist’s world is fast-paced would be an understatement. For some reason the song “I Like to Move It” came to my mind as I was thinking about this. While the 1994 hit single has different connotations, the words ring true to the journalism profession. You have to like to “move it.” You have to be locked and ready to go to that breaking news scene, get quick soundbytes and footage (b-roll), rush back to the station, write your script, edit and be ready to go for the six o’clock newscast. And of course you cannot control when the story breaks…it would be nice if it happened at 9 a.m., so you would have plenty of time to get it done, but that most of the time is not the case. And that is what makes the journalism profession so exciting. It’s the adrenaline rush mixed with stress, worry and then jubilation as your story makes the evening newscast.

And just for fun…
the song:


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