What I love about living in America

There are many people who criticize this country, but it still is and I think will always be a place that people strive to come to. I believe in the American Dream. I believe that with hard work and dedication, one will achieve his goals. The opportunity for success and a good lifestyle that this country provides is unparallel, to I think, any other in the world. There is gold here, one just has to find the location, and start digging. Digging hard.

There will be obstacles and unpredicted events, but for me personally this is the one thing that will keep me going. Once you have found your goal, your dream, you have to follow it through to the end. You have to keep your fire burning, because if you extinguish it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

I know that I can achieve my dreams. I know that, because I believe that. And it all starts with a belief, a vision. I hope you find your vision.


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